Trinity Routing Solutions.

Our company was founded by a visionary with 25 years experience in optimisation both in the UK and internationally. The objective is to create a truly world class company that is fully committed to offering the best products and services to both the public and private sector. The vision from the very beginning was to make a difference by genuinely helping customers by providing them with much better value for money with genuine consideration for the environment and follow it up with an excellent after sales support. For us money & profit has always been only byproduct and never the main objective.

We have optimised networks for nearly 50 vastly different clients from just a few kilometers to 9,000 Km, from 3 routes to nearly 300.

We also offer a consultancy service with bespoke written reports looking into your current services and see how they could be improved.  Alternatively these reports can be used to assure auditors you are indeed complying with your current objectives and goals.

If you would like to know more about our company please feel free to contact us.


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